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At Renu Pilates, we focus on wellbeing and positivity. Our trainers aim to deliver a workout that can be challenging but undeniably enjoyable. We welcome everyone at any fitness levels, providing a comfortable, fun and friendly environment. Our classes run daily except for Sundays and Public Holidays 

Group Class
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Daily Reformer Class (45min)

Everyone is welcome to this class regardless of their prior experience or fitness level. The exercises are adaptable, and instructors often provide modifications to accommodate beginners while challenging more experienced participants. In this session, you will also focus on finding connections throughout your body and increasing the range of motion. Suitable for all levels. 

Reformer Move & Pump (45min)

Move and Pump classes offer a comprehensive and effective approach to building and strengthening muscles. The combination of traditional Pilates principles with resistance training creates a unique and engaging fitness experience. Participants can expect to develop strength, improve posture, and increase overall body awareness. It's a well-rounded approach to physical fitness that combines the benefits of both Pilates and strength training.

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