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Pilates for Seniors

As we get older, keeping fit and mobile is essential. Pilates is an excellent exercise program for seniors as it focuses on muscle strengthening while improving flexibility and mobility of joints. It is low-impact exercise that can be easily modified to suit any fitness level or physical condition; therefore ideal for older adults who haven’t practiced any exercise for a long time.

Moreover, regular practice of Pilates can help seniors maintain and increase their proprioception. Proprioception is the body’s ability to sense its location, movements, and actions. Examples of proprioception include being able to walk or run without looking at your feet or being able to touch your nose with your eyes closed. Proprioceptive ability becomes weaker as people get older and it can affect their balance and coordination.

Pilates works on balancing muscles and core strength which is essential to physical balance. Seniors can learn how to control their movement to find stability in any position. Having good proprioceptive function is crucial in old age as it reduces the risk of falls and any related injuries. Pilates requires one to focus, pay attention and breathe in a way that calms one’s mind and reduces stress.

Recent researches have found that Pilates can help individuals suffering from neurologic disorders like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease as well as brain traumas like stroke.

At Renu Pilates, we have a qualified instructor who can provide a quality exercise program to tailor each client’s individual needs. It is recommended that anyone with injuries or physical conditions sees a doctor and/or a physiotherapist first before visiting a studio.

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